Advanced Grammar in Use Level Test

Advanced Grammar in Use Second Edition Level Test с ответами. Cambridge University Press.



  1. And now for this evening’s main headline: Britain ___ another Olympic gold medal!
         A had won B wins C won D has won
  2. He ___ the stolen cigarettes onto the back of the lorry when the police arrived.
         A loaded B was loading C did load
  3. Anne had to pay for everything because, as usual, Peter ___ his wallet at home.
         A had left B left C was leaving
  4. Someone ___ my special sports drink that I bought this morning! The bottle’s half empty!
         A has been drinking B drinks C is drinking
  5. ‘Mark and Penny broke up last month.’ ‘Oh no! They ___ out together for years.’
         A have gone B had gone C had been going D are going
  6. We’re late. By the time we get to the cinema, the film ___ .
         A will have started B has started C will start D will have been starting
  7. If we world poverty ___ , the richer countries will need to make sacrifices.
         A are end B will end C are ending D are to end
  8. Frank ___ promoted soon. After all, his mother is chief executive.
         A is bounding to get B is bound to get C is meaning to
  9. ‘Are you OK? You look really pale.’ ‘I need the bathroom. I think I ___ sick.’
         A am to be B will be C shall be D am going to be
  10. ‘When are you leaving for the airport?’ ‘Well, my flight ___ at six thirty.’
         A is going to leave B leaves C is leaving D will leave
  11. Fortunately, the fire fighters ___ put the fire out before it caused too much damage.
         A were able to B can C are able to D could
  12. ‘Mum, I’m tired.’ ‘Well, if you ___ to bed after midnight every night, what do you expect?’
         A went B are going C will go D would go
  13. Mary isn’t home yet. She ___ late at the office again.
         A must have had to work B must have got to work C must’ve to work D must work
  14. I remember ___ to the circus by my grandfather when I was a child.
         A having taken B to be taken C being taken D was taken
  15. The accident is thought ___ by leaves on the railway line.
         A to have caused B to have been caused C to have been causing
  16. ‘Have you heard? Sandra sold her flat and bought a houseboat.’ ‘ ___ ’
         A She did what? B What she did? C Did she what? D She what did?
  17. The detective in charge of the investigation asked ___ .
         A the two witnesses their names B their names the two witnesses C the two witnesses of their names D to the two witnesses their names
  18. I really object ___ in rooms where other people have to eat.
         A people smoking B to people smoke C people to smoke D to people smoking
  19. Chris told Liz that he had a good job with a big salary, but he ___ .
         A hadn’t B wasn’t C didn’t D hadn’t got
  20. The Smiths had to decide ___ to their daughter’s kidnappers’ demands or bring in the police.
         A if they agree B if to agree C whether to agree D whether they agree
  21. Nutrition experts advise ___ too many refined foods.
         A us not to eat B us that we don’t eat C us not eating D not to eat
  22. By the end of the conference, there was still no real agreement ___ the primary cause of the disaster was.
         A what B what as to C as D as to what
  23. The personnel consultant recommended that managers ___ apart from other staff during lunch.
         A not to sit B are not sitting C not sit D not sitting
  24. The Prime Minister was asked what ___ to do about inner city crime.
         A he intended B intended he C did he intend D he did intend
  25. Looking after pets ___ a good way of teaching children to be responsible.
         A are B is C be D being
  26. Every man, woman and child on the island ___ the effects of the fuel shortage.
         A has suffered B have suffered
  27. The only witnesses to the accident were two ___ .
         A passer-byes B passers-by
  28. No Horizon was directed by ___ Steve Caplan, only two years before his death.
         A late B a late C the late D of late
  29. ‘Sorry, do you spell your surname with ___ ‘s’ or two?’ ‘Two.’
         A single B a C an D one
  30. Nowadays, ___ are much better behaved than their parents were at the same age, don’t you think?
         A teenagers B the teenagers
  31. I’m not fussy. I’ll eat ___ kind of fruit or vegetable.
         A some B any C all
  32. ___ twenty per cent of natural gas used to heat homes in the UK comes from the North Sea.
         A Few of B Lesser than C Fewer than D Less than
  33. See the woman over there by the window? Isn’t she the one won ___ the lottery last week?
         A which B whom C that D what
  34. The Transport Minister, ___ department the email was apparently sent, has denied all knowledge of a cover-up.
         A from whose B whose C from his D which
  35. Detective Chief Inspector Chambers, ___ the laptop was stolen, has posted a £10,000 reward.
         A from which B from who C from whom
  36. In many cultures, when the elderly become too weak to look after ___ , they go and live with their families.
         A themselves B theirselves C themself D theirself
  37. When the robber ordered the hostages to lie face down on the ground, they ___ without argument.
         A did such B did so C so did
  38. Yes, the script was excellent, but the performances were ___ weak.
         A completely B extremely C utterly D absolutely
  39. It was ___ solution to the problem that the audience cheered loudly.
         A a such a sensible B so a sensible C a so sensible D such a sensible
  40. Is Ben OK? He was behaving ___ .
         A very strangely in the canteen this morning B this morning in the canteen very strangely C in the canteen this morning very strangely D in the canteen very strangely this morning
  41. Ignoring the flashing light bulbs, the three judges walked up the courthouse steps ___ .
         A in a dignified fashion B dignifiedly C in a dignifiedly fashion D dignified
  42. The ___ girl snatched the kitten away from the dog and screamed for her mother.
         A feared B afraid C frightened D scary
  43. ___ it never recycled any waste materials, the company’s environmental record was not perfect.
         A For B In that C With D Due to
  44. If oil supplies ___ in the near future, we would find it very hard to meet our energy needs.
         A will run out B were running out C would run out D were to run out
  45. Travelling by coach is cheap. ___ , it can be slow in rush hour traffic.
         A Whereas B Although C Nevertheless D While
  46. ‘Look at those clouds!’ ‘Don’t worry. ___ it rains, we’ll still have a great time.’
         A Even if B Even though C Despite D Whereas
  47. Far ___ Terry’s small plane lay the freezing waters of the North Sea, where his father’s boat had disappeared many years before.
         A down B under C underneath D below
  48. Your boss is always criticising your work. I don’t know why you ___ .
         A put up with it B put up it with C put it up with D it put up with
  49. OK, so the dates are agreed, but question of the budget ___ to discuss.
         A it’s still the B there’s still a C there’s still the D it’s still a
  50. Not until every single reporter had gone ___ outside his front door again.
         A did Alan step B Alan stepped C stepped Alan D Alan did step

Answer Key 

1:DUnit 3
2:BUnit 4
3:AUnit 5
4:AUnit 6
5:CUnit 7
6:AUnit 11
7:DUnit 12
8:BUnit 13
9:DUnit 9
10:BUnit 10
11:AUnit 15
12:CUnit 16
13:AUnit 18
14:CUnit 23
15:BUnit 25
16:AUnit 27
17:AUnit 29
18:DUnit 30
19:CUnit 64
20:CUnit 34
21:AUnit 36
22:DUnit 38
23:CUnit 39
24:AUnit 32
25:BUnit 40
26:AUnit 41
27:BUnit 43
28:CUnit 46
29:DUnit 44
30:AUnit 47
31:BUnit 48
32:DUnit 52
33:CUnit 53
34:AUnit 55
35:CUnit 55
36:AUnit 60
37:BUnit 63
38:BUnit 67
39:DUnit 73
40:AUnit 74
41:AUnit 71
42:CUnit 66
43:BUnit 80
44:DUnit 83
45:CUnit 87
46:AUnit 82
47:DUnit 88
48:AUnit 94
49:CUnit 95
50:AUnit 100


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