Essential Grammar in Use Level Test

Essential Grammar in Use Level Test с ответами. Cambridge University Press.



  1. ‘Where ___ ’ ‘She’s from London.’
         A is Amy from? B Amy is from? C does Amy from?
  2. ‘What ___ ’ ‘Watching television.’
         A the children are doing? B are the children doing? C doing the children?
  3. Rob ___ the guitar very well.
         A doesn’t play B don’t play C not play D no play
  4. What time ___ in the morning?
         A are you getting up B do you usually get up C does you get up
  5. ___ good holiday in America?
         A You had B Did you had C Are you have D Did you have
  6. The taxi ___ .
         A does not arrive yet B has not arrived yet C has not arrive yet
  7. Sue went to Canada ___ .
         A since three years B three years ago
  8. ___ school in 2004.
         A I left B I’ve left
  9. There’s a good film on TV tonight. ___
         A I watch it. B I like watching it. C I’m going to watch it.
  10. Are you going shopping now? No, but ___ later.
         A I might go B I might to go C I might going D I might be go
  11. I ___ get up early on Saturdays.
         A mustn’t B needn’t to C don’t need to D haven’t to
  12. We missed the last bus so we ___ walk home.
         A should B have to C must D had to
  13. What time ___ go shopping this evening?
         A you like to B do you like to C would you like to
  14. ___ anything in the house to eat. I’m going shopping.
         A It isn’t B There aren’t C There isn’t
  15. ‘Do you agree with me?’ ‘Yes, ___ .
         A I do B I am C I have
  16. Don’t forget to send me a post card, ___ ?
         A do you B will you C you don’t D won’t you
  17. I haven’t passed my driving test. ___
         A So haven’t I. B Neither have I. C Neither do I.
  18. I’ve been to Australia, but I ___ to New Zealand.
         A haven’t been B didn’t go C didn’t been
  19. Why ___ going to the party?
         A Diana isn’t B isn’t Diana C Diana not D didn’t Diana
  20. ___ is the capital of the USA?
         A Which B Who C What
  21. Rob ___ me he was ill.
         A say B told C said
  22. Would you like ___ tonight?
         A to go B going C go
  23. I really ___ to music.
         A enjoy listen B enjoy listening C enjoy to listen D enjoying listen
  24. I went to the supermarket ___ some coffee.
         A buying B buy C to buy D for buying
  25. He ___ a stupid mistake and failed his driving test.
         A made B did
  26. Have you seen my car keys? I can’t find ___ anywhere.
         A him B it C them D they
  27. ___ dog is called Ruby.
         A They B Their C Them D Theirs
  28. Kate and I don’t see ___ very often.
         A themselves B us C ourselves D each other
  29. Is this your ___ car?
         A parents B parent’s C parents’
  30. Did you have ___ on holiday?
         A a good weather B good weathers C good weather
  31. Do you think David Beckham is ___ English football player?
         A the best B best C a best
  32. These jeans are very old. I need to buy ___ .
         A a new one B some new ones C the new ones D new one
  33. People think it rains ___ the time in England.
         A most B most of C every
  34. There were ___ seats left on the plane and we got the last two.
         A few B a little C little D a few
  35. Did your team play ___ ?
         A good or bad B well or badly C well or bad D good or badly
  36. ‘Is it much ___ to the airport?’ ‘No, about two miles.’
         A further B more far C far
  37. Nina is two years ___ .
         A older than me B more old as me C old than me D more old than me
  38. My car was ___ Peter’s.
         A not as expensive B not as expensive than C not as expensive as
  39. Is Tokyo ___ city in the world?
         A the more expensive B most expensive C the most expensive
  40. Kim ___ to buy the new dress she wants.
         A doesn’t have money enough B isn’t enough money C doesn’t have enough money
  41. Sam speaks ___ .
         A French very well B very well French
  42. I ___ in the evenings.
         A go usually out B usually go out C go out usually
  43. I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes and the bus hasn’t arrived ___ .
         A not yet B already C yet D still
  44. I want to ___ a really nice birthday present.
         A give Mark B give to Mark C give it to Mark
  45. They have lived in Canada ___ 1994.
         A until B since C to D for
  46. We stayed ___ my sister’s house in Oxford.
         A to B by C at D on
  47. A lot of small children are ___ spiders.
         A afraid with B afraid about C afraid for D afraid of
  48. John ___ and hurt his leg.
         A fell off his bike B fell his bike off C fell down his bike
  49. It was very cold ___ all the windows were open.
         A but B so C because D or
  50. We ___ the plane if we don’t leave now.
         A would miss B are missing C miss D will miss

Answer Key 

1:AUnits 1, 2
2:BUnits 3, 4
3:AUnits 5, 6
4:BUnits 7, 8
5:DUnit 12
6:BUnits 15, 16
7:BUnit 19
8:AUnit 20
9:CUnits 26, 27, 29
10:AUnit 30
11:CUnits 32, 34
12:DUnits 32, 33, 34
13:CUnit 35
14:CUnit 36
15:AUnit 39
16:BUnit 40
17:BUnit 41
18:AUnit 42
19:BUnit 43
20:CUnit 46
21:BUnit 49
22:AUnits 35, 50
23:BUnits 51, 52
24:CUnit 53
25:AUnit 56
26:CUnit 58
27:BUnit 61
28:DUnit 62
29:CUnit 63
30:CUnits 66, 67
31:AUnit 69
32:BUnit 74
33:BUnit 80
34:AUnit 83
35:BUnit 85
36:AUnit 86
37:AUnit 87
38:CUnit 88
39:CUnit 89
40:CUnit 90
41:AUnit 92
42:BUnit 93
43:CUnit 94
44:AUnit 95
45:BUnit 97
46:CUnit 101
47:DUnit 105
48:AUnits 107, 108
49:CUnit 109
50:DUnits 111, 112


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