In / at / on

Предлог «at», как правило, связан с объектами, при которых люди занимаются деятельностью, связанную с этими объектами: на светофоре ждать разрешения двигаться дальше, на свадьбе праздновать рождение новой семейной ячейки. «At» означает «при (перед, у) каком-то объекте». «On» — на поверхности находимся или на поверхность движемся какого-то объекта. «In» означает «внутри ограниченного 2D / 3D пространства», а также «написано, изображено».


Типичные ошибки 

to stand at the top of the stairs
to work in the sales department
to read in a newspaper
to lie in the corner of the room
to stand at / on the corner of the street
to sit in the back of the car
to sit at the back row in the cinema
to write at the top of the page
to write on the back of the page

Обычно говорят… 

Написано, изображено
in a book
in a letter
in a magazine
in a newspaper
in a paper
in a photo
in a photograph
in a picture
На ограниченной территории
in a country
in a garden
in a town
in the city centre
in the country
in the countryside
В очереди, в ряду
in a line
in a queue
in a row
В кабине, в салоне, в коробке
in a box
in a car
in a taxi
В воде, на небе, в мире
in a river
in the sea
in the sky
in the world
В здании, в помещении
in a building
in a department
in a pool
in a restaurant
in a room
in a supermarket
in an office
В учреждении
in church
in court
in hospital
in jail
in prison
at a concert
at a conference
at a party
at somebody’s house
at the meeting
at the National Concert Hall
at the wedding
В магазине, в ресторане
at / in a restaurant
at / in a supermarket
Учеба, работа, культ
at church
at college
at school
at university
at work
Вверху, внизу, в начале, в конце
at the beginning of the year
at the bottom of the page
at the other end of the street
at the top of the page
Транспортные узлы
at the airport
at the bus stop
at the junction
at the next stop
at the roundabout
at the station
at the traffic light
В кабинете
at the company’s head office
at the doctor’s
at the hairdresser’s
У двери, у окна, в приемной
at reception
at the door
at the reception desk
at the window
На авобусе, по реке
on a bike
on a bus
on a horse
on a motorbike
on a plane
on a river
on a road
on a ship
on a train
on the way
В списке, на странице
on a list
on a map
on a menu
on a page
on page seven
on the list
На носу, на рубашке
on your nose
on your shirt
На берегу, на острове, на ферме
on a farm
on an island
on the beach
on the coast
На потолке, на столе, на доске
on a chair
on the ceiling
on the door
on the notice board
on the table
on the wall
На земле, на траве, на этаже
on the first floor
on the floor
on the grass
on the ground
on the ground floor
Слева, справа
on the left
on the left-hand side
on the right
on the right-hand side


There were a lot of people in the shop. lt was very crowded.Go along this road, then turn left at the shop.
I’ll meet you in the hotel lobby.I’ll meet you at the entrance of the hotel.
I was sitting in the back (of the car) when we crashed.We were at the back (of the cinema), so we couldn’t see very well.
The TV is in the corner of t he room.There is a small shop at / on the corner of the street.
All the rooms in the hotel have air conditioning.We had dinner at the hotel.
lt’s always cold in Helen’s house. The heating doesn’t work well.I was at Helen’s (house) last night.
We had great meals in the restaurant.We had great meals at a restaurant.
I bought this the other day in the supermarket.I bought this the other day at a supermarket.
Sam’s parents live in a village in the south of France.Does this train stop at Oxford (station)?
There is some water in the bottle.There is a label on the bottle.
There is somebody at the door. Shall I go and see who it is?There is a notice on the door. lt says ‘Do not disturb’.
I wrote the date at the top of the page.I wrote my phone number on the back of the page.


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