To me / for me, или Надуманная проблема

«To me» — «мне», дательный падеж. «For me» — «для меня», родительный падеж; или «за (вместо) меня», винительный падеж.


Be + adjective + to smb. 

Why must she be so nasty to me?
We need to understand the things which are important to people.
Your comments are of great interest to me.

Prove / appeal to smb. 

This incident proved to me that Ian cannot be trusted.
What appealed to me was its originality.
It was Ted who broke the news to me.

Seem / sound / look + adjectve + to smb. 

They looked all right to me.
It sounds unnatural to you, I expect.
The parents are not afraid to be firm about those matters that seem important to them.

Look like + noun + to smb. 

‘It looks like tea to me.’ — ‘Yes, it could be.’

For smb. = instead of smb. 

She said that she’d wash up for me.

Luckily / fortunately / happily / unfortunately for smb.  

‘Does he do his fair share of the household chores?’ — ‘Oh yes, fortunately for me.’
Luckily for me and them, love did eventually grow and flourish.

Hard / difficult for smb. (to do smth) 

It was hard for me to believe these were his real reasons for wanting to get rid of me.
The biggest problem was the accent. That was difficult for me.

Important for smb. (to do smth) 

It is very important for me that you enjoy yourself.


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