Too / enough и so / such

Наречие «too» употребляется перед прилагательным или наречием, и означает «слишком». Наречие «enough» употребляется, как правило, перед существительным, но после прилагательного или наречия, и означает «достаточно». Местоимение «such» употребляется с существительным (перед которым может стоять прилагательное) и означает «такой». Местоимение «so» употребляется с прилагательным (после которого нет существительного) или наречием и означает «такой / так».



She is very young to drink alcohol.She is too young to drink alcohol.
He is not very tough to play football.He is not tough enough to play football.
We were blessed with so good weather on the trip.We were blessed with such good weather on the trip.
We were blessed with such a good weather on the trip.We were blessed with such good weather on the trip.


so + прил.The meal was so good! It was worth the money. The music is so loud I can’t sleep.
so + нар.He paints so well! I am sure he is going to become a famous artist. She spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand her.
so + many / few + мн. ч.I never knew you had so many brothers! She has so few friends! It’s really quite sad.
so + much / little + неисчисл. сущ.They have so little food! We need to do something to help them. Jake earns so much money that he has lost all sense of what a dollar is worth.
so + much / little / often / rarelyEarl drinks so much! My sister visits us so rarely!


such + прил. + сущ.Don has such a big house that I actually got lost on the way to the bathroom. Shelly has such beautiful eyes that she got a job as a make-up model.
such + оценочное сущ.He is such an idiot that nobody would hire him.
such + сущ. (подобный / такого рода)She usually doesn’t receive such criticism.


too + прил.She has too much money. He is too old to ride the Merry-Go-Round.
too + нар.He is driving too fast. You’ve got the telly on too loud.


прил. + enoughTony was tall enough to play on the basketball team.
нар. + enoughDid they respond enough quickly to help?
enough + сущ.I have enough money for the CD player.
There aren’t enough people to make a team.
enoughI have had enough of this nonsense.
 Enough is enough!


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