English Grammar in Use Level Test

English Grammar in Use Third Edition Level Test с ответами. Cambridge University Press.



  1. Tom ___ coffee. He doesn’t like it.
         A isn’t drinking B not drinks C doesn’t drink
  2. He ___ tennis when he broke his wrist.
         A was playing B played C plays D has played
  3. ‘Were there ___ any letters today?’ ‘No, the postman yet.’
         A doesn’t come B wasn’t come C hasn’t come D didn’t come
  4. You look really hot. ___
         A Are you running? B Did you run? C Have you been running?
  5. ‘How long has Sarah been living in Germany?’ ‘ ___ five years.’
         A Since B For C During D While
  6. When I arrived at the airport, the plane ___ .
         A has already left B already left C had already left
  7. I ___ in the country, but I had to move to the city for my new job.
         A used to live B used to living C wasn’t used to living
  8. I’m feeling tired. I don’t think I ___ tonight.
         A go out B ’ll go out C ’m going out
  9. What do you think you ___ this time next year?
         A ’ll be doing B ’re going to do C do D ’re doing
  10. I ___ be a doctor. I’d hate it.
         A couldn’t have B can’t C couldn’t D ’m not able to
  11. If I were in Susie’s position, I ___ leave and get another job.
         A may B might C must
  12. They ___ worried. There really was no danger.
         A needn’t B don’t have to C mustn’t D needn’t have
  13. You ___ that letter — it’s not addressed to you!
         A shouldn’t to read B shouldn’t read D ought not to
  14. If I see Sam, ___ him to call you.
         A I’ll tell B I’d tell C I tell D I told
  15. If they ___ by car, it would have been a lot quicker.
         A had gone B would go C would have gone D have gone
  16. Jane’s passport ___ while she was on holiday.
         A is stolen B was stolen C stole
  17. ‘Where ___ ?’ ‘I always go to Snips.’
         A do you cut your hair B do you have your hair cut C have you cut your hair
  18. Anne ___ in hospital.
         A told that her mum was B said me her mum was C told me her mum was
  19. Do you know ___ ?
         A where John lives B where lives John C where does John live
  20. ‘Rick’s been to China before, ___ ?’
         A didn’t he B hadn’t he C wasn’t he D hasn’t he
  21. My father doesn’t allow me ___ his car.
         A driving B drive C to drive
  22. ___ phone me again.
         A I’d rather you didn’t B I’d prefer you not C I’d rather you don’t
  23. Bad weather prevented the match ___ going ahead.
         A to B from C of
  24. Helen never travels by plane because she’s ___ .
         A afraid from flying B afraid to flying C afraid of flying
  25. ___ a car, I usually take the bus.
         A Not have B Not to have C Not having
  26. I took ___ really nice photos on holiday.
         A few B much C any D some
  27. Small children often don’t like eating ___ .
         A vegetables B the vegetables
  28. I want to buy ___ .
         A some new jeans B a new jean C a new jeans
  29. ___ is Charlie.
         A My dogs name B My dog’s name C My dogs’ name D The name of my dog
  30. Don’t work in pairs. Everyone has to do the exercise by ___ .
         A ourselves B yourself C themselves
  31. ‘ ___ someone knocking at the door.’ ‘I’ll go and see who it is.’
         A There’s B It’s
  32. I was really nervous and I couldn’t eat ___ all day.
         A something B nothing C anything
  33. Most of the students got a B grade but ___ got an A.
         A few B a few C little D plenty
  34. Ben and Danny are very similar. ___ is good at football but they both love watching it on TV.
         A Either of them B Both of them C Neither of them
  35. The computer ___ I bought wasn’t very expensive.
         A who B what C whom D that
  36. The room ___ the beach was too small.
         A overlooked B overlooking
  37. There’s ___ food in the house. Let’s go out to eat.
         A hardly B hardly any C hardly anything
  38. My new car is ___ my old one.
         A more fast that B more fast than C faster than D faster as
  39. They got lots of presents when they got married and they ___ any ‘thank you’ letters.
         A didn’t even send B even sent C not even sent
  40. ___ school very young, he is very successful.
         A In spite of he left B Although leaving C In spite of leaving
  41. ___ hard, Martha should do very well at university.
         A As long as she works B Unless she works C In case she works D Providing she will work
  42. I woke up several times ___ the night with a bad cough.
         A while B during C for
  43. I think I’ll be able to finish reading this book ___ few hours.
         A on a B in a C at the
  44. It was raining at first, but the sun came out ___ .
         A in the end B at the end C by the time D by then
  45. When we finally arrived ___ , we were exhausted.
         A to home B at home C home
  46. William is very excited ___ starting his new job.
         A with B by C for D about
  47. What happens ___ the hero at the end of the film?
         A into B on C to
  48. We’re really ___ our trip to New York next week.
         A looking forward B looking forward to C looking forward at
  49. I asked the mechanic to ___ how much the repairs will cost.
         A work out B get out C try out
  50. She really ___ when she changed her mind about the job.
         A turned me down B put me up C let me down

Answer Key 

1:CUnit 3
2:AUnit 6
3:CUnits 7, 8
4:CUnits 9, 10
5:BUnits 11, 12
6:CUnit 15
7:AUnits 18, 61
8:BUnits 19, 21, 22
9:AUnits 23, 24
10:CUnits 26, 27
11:BUnits 29, 30, 31
12:DUnit 32
13:BUnits 33, 34
14:AUnit 38
15:AUnit 40
16:BUnits 42, 43
17:BUnit 46
18:CUnits 47, 48
19:AUnit 50
20:DUnit 52
21:CUnit 55
22:AUnit 59
23:BUnit 62
24:CUnit 66
25:CUnit 68
26:DUnits 69, 70
27:AUnit 75
28:AUnit 79
29:BUnit 81
30:CUnit 82
31:AUnit 84
32:CUnit 86
33:BUnit 87
34:CUnit 89
35:DUnits 92, 93
36:BUnit 97
37:BUnit 101
38:CUnits 105, 106
39:AUnit 112
40:CUnit 113
41:AUnits 114, 115
42:BUnit 119
43:BUnit 121
44:AUnit 122
45:CUnits 125, 126
46:DUnit 130
47:CUnit 136
48:BUnit 137
49:AUnit 139
50:CUnit 142


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